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Denver Shoe project

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Fundraiser by Anthony Porch : The Denver Shoe Project (

The Denver Shoe Project was created with the hopes of raising money to give away 1,500 pairs of comfortable shoes to the homeless citizens of Denver.


On average a homeless person will walk 10 to 15 miles per day which drastically decreases the life span of a pair of shoes. Between showering, eating, working, sleeping, and using the bathroom, our homeless citizens could easily be on their feet all day. Our mission is to help make their daily commute more comfortable.


 Local Denver Shoe company "Koncrete Eden" originally reached out to Denver Recording Artist "TheyCallHimAP" to team up and design and manufacture a  comfortable pair of sneakers that would be sold to consumers through the Koncrete Eden Brand. During the designing process TheyCallHimAP came up with The Denver Shoe Project idea and decided to change course from selling the shoes, to now raising money to cover "Koncrete Eden's" costs to manufacture them and giving all of the pairs away for free to those in need in his native city Denver.

Fundraiser by Anthony Porch : The Denver Shoe Project (

During the designing process Koncrete Eden finalized the sneaker design and also developed a winter/work boot for the project to fit the needs of people working in various conditions. The sneakers will cost $45 per pair to manufacture and the Boots will cost $75 per pair to manufacture. All money raised will be used to cover the manufacturing fees so that we can provide free pairs of shoes too as many homeless people as possible. Please help us by sharing this project and donating whatever you can!!! And If there are other ways you can help out please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are grateful for all of the support we can get and can't wait to help the community we love.

Thank you,

TheyCallHimAP / Koncrete Eden


Donate here Fundraiser by Anthony Porch : The Denver Shoe Project (

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